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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I’m not much for playing games on my cell phone.  These batteries die so fast now-a-days, despite the longevity batteries that iPhone is supposed to have.  However, there is one exception.  There’s this one game I ran across.  In this game, there are dots that are either one of for colors.  The goal is to eliminate dots of the similar color that are located next to each other.  Every time you eliminate dots, a flurry of more random dots appears on the board.  There are perks to the game that aids to the gameplay – one is being able to eliminate all of one color on the board at once, no matter the location, eliminate one particular dot on the board of your choice, or to pause the game time for 5 seconds, or add 5 moves to the total collection of moves left.

One major goal of the game is connecting the dots into squares.  By doing this all the dots of that color is eliminated, and you score points for every dot that is eliminated.  The best games are the ones that manage to start you out with a square already, and continue to have squares there for your convenience.  These games are easier when you’re trying to reach that high score.  My high score is 435.  I’d say my average is roughly 250ish.  This game is a great pastime when sitting on the couch during commercials of my favorite TV shows or when waiting for class to start.  I literally engage in this game about 20 times a day – and it’s sad.  I could probably do something more productive.  But I feel productive beating my high score or getting a new achievement in that game.  The game is called Dots. And you will have A-DOT of fun!