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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


College Roommates… Where to start… Not all college students are agreeable when it comes to roommate situations.  I’ve had three different roommates every year in college.  To find the perfect roommate is less likely to be ideal than normal.  My freshman year wasn’t quite the best experience ever with a roommate, whereas my sophomore year I’ve decided to room with a friend, which didn’t rock out too good also.  Junior year I’ve been tagged with an international student and I can say that this experience has by far been the best of the three that I have had. 

We all have our pros and cons when we have a roommate, despite the roommate being a best friend or a complete stranger at first.  Contrarily, a stranger can happen to be a long-term friend.  From experience, it can be normal for roommates to have their disagreements and misunderstandings.  The importance is to capitalize and overcome situational problems.  Reaching a mutual understanding isn’t always possible between the two, but to make the most of an experience is a positive.  Personally, this taught me patience and a little understanding of a perspective that I wasn’t acquainted to.  Always try to make the most of a situation that you have.  It has been by some grace that you were given “that” roommate.  I’ve realized that someone may not be my perfect roommate, but they are very beneficial as a friend.