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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Rec Center

As a HPE Exercise Science major and a student-athlete, I spend a majority of my time in the Lou Higgins Rec Center.  This varies in activities such as classes, studying, working out, attending sporting events and meetings, and practicing lacrosse or playing recreational sports.  The rec is by far the best building on campus that is utilized to all students’ advantage.  It is advantageous to students because we have free access to leisure activities that else where we would be charged a fee to use.  Also engaging in leisure time sports and other activities increases your chances of meeting new people.  I can say that fair shares of my friends were made on the basketball courts in the Rec Center.

Because of a packed schedule with classes and other priorities that I focus on, my free time is sparse.  My friends and I manage to find a collaborative time on average three times a week to play basketball and work out.  Some people may not find their niche by working out and engaging in sporting events.  For others, it may be music or acting – explaining why they would interact more with the Conservatory or Kleist building.  Where ever you find yourself, it is always beneficial to get out and get involved with whatever you are interested in doing.  It is better to be involved with the college community rather than not being; which seems to be the primary source of stress.  Lack of engagement and having fun.  Just get out and go have fun dude.