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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


The jump from high school to college requires different tactics.  I was able to get by high school with little studying and a lot of leisure time.  In college, it was rather tough for me to maintain that lifestyle.  College, having a lot more on my hands has placed me on a more set schedule.  From balancing classes, exercising, lacrosse, studying, work, sleep and leisure time, sometimes I feel as if I have bargained for a little too much.  But honestly, the busy schedules forces me to follow a specific schedule while keeping me update on all the subjects listed. 

It is vital to know how to balance your time in college.  Some may not have as much things to balance like I do.  For whatever you do have, it is important to always focus on those and to not get sidetracked.  College already involves classes, studying and sleep.  As college students, we find our own way to make leisure time, whether if this is by video games or watching cartoons.  Rather than sports, there are people involved in organizations around campus.  Everyone has their own methods of staying busy.  Be sure to stay on the right track, focusing on class and studying first, then allowing the rest to fall in alignment.  By doing this, I’ve had a successful time in college, and you can too!