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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


We all lived for our fun times recalling back to high school.  This includes prom and homecoming.  Who’s to say these can’t be relived in college. Baldwin Wallace gave me the most awesome homecoming experiences I’ve had.  I attended the homecoming dance my sophomore year.  Rather than high school, I can say that I felt as there was an actual “homecoming” atmosphere.  From my friends, I’ve met some students who recently graduated from BW, and upon that I’ve made more friends than what I’ve already had.  The homecoming football game and the pep rally also makes for a wonderful event.  Our football team seems to put on a show for the past two years that I have been here, and our campus as a whole supports the pep rallies.

Currently here at BW, this is our homecoming week.  We’ve had our pep rally just last night.  Our gymnasium was almost filled to capacity, and just the excitement of the environment is enough to make the hairs on your arm stand erect.  As our encouraging football teams promises a win, our UDA dance team performs in front of the campus and words of wisdom is given from our new president, we couldn’t ask for a much better start to a homecoming weekend!  You should definitely make Baldwin Wallace a place of homecoming for you.