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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Polls at BW

This was a great experience.  An experience that I would not have expected.  For BW, I worked at an exit poll located in Cleveland during the 2013 election; surveying people about their voting experience.  From those who participated in the study (roughly a fourth of those voting at the location) there were few who claimed to have a bad experience.   This was due to such minor issues such as dim lighting in the building or waiting in line to vote, which honestly the lines weren’t even long.  Others really felt some type of way about their voting experience.  The ballot this year is different than last year’s ballot. Some complained about this new format, which included a change in position of the written English and Spanish on the ballot.  I can’t remember exactly.  And others actually thought it was easier.

Other feedback that interested me was how the elderly was concerned with the terms African American and Caucasian.  A black woman ranted on for 10 minutes about how she doesn’t want to be labeled as an African American because neither does she, her parents nor grandparents are from African – but America.  All I could do was listen and agree, or she would literally hate me.  The other experience, a white male rhetorically asking me what is Caucasian baffled me as well.  I assumed everyone knows what a Caucasian is.  Those high class Americans with those big houses and fancy cars.  But he wasn’t that typical Caucasian.  He was more of the type who just got by with an high school education, respectively.  The survey did include a question on the highest level of achieved education.  Still his words were enough to impact my little meek knowledge about politics.   This seems like an experience that could very every year.  I’m not much of a political guy, but I do vote.  Apart from voting, I would enjoy participating in this survey.