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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Basketball at the Rec

My favorite recreational pastime at BW is to play basketball.  I like to think that I am a very good basketball player.  I’ve played since I was a young’un for about umpteen years.  So my daily routine of classes and various hours of homework, I would shortly find myself in the realm of the Lou Higgins Center either practicing my game if no one is around or engaging is the competitive nature of other players at the gym.  Usually I have mediocre days where some of my shots are falling; and maybe a few plays that can make the top 10.  The days when my “shot is on”; boy am I feelin’ it.  Fade away jumpers and reversal lay ups.  And the days when I’m really hot I’ll take an extra step back from the three point line -  testing my range.  I feel that I excel at other aspects of the game, such as jumping, playing defense, and having noticeable speed.

This is not a bragging festival for me.  I can’t say that I’m so good at basketball that I should be playing in the NBA.  I’m lucky enough to survive at Rucker Park – an outside basketball located in Manhattan where NBA players are made.  Plus I’m only 5’9.  Rarely are players my height in the NBA; if they are then they can either jump over the moon or shoot a ball and hit bull’s-eye every time.  But I’m just a fan of the game.  I love playing basketball, and love watching the sport.  Basketball is a stress reliever and definitely gives me a good feeling about myself.  Plus it’s exercise – running up and down the court countless times and at a high pace.  It’s all a thrill to me.  I love it.