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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

It's my passion

I enjoy working with kids.  It’s like a passion for me.  Originally I planned to be a nurse or an athletic trainer.  But those occupations didn’t go according to plan.  So I stuck to the free flowing route, and allowed my course in life to shape itself.  Every job opportunity I’ve received is directly related to working with children.  Be willing to adapt to your environment and accept the opportunities in front of you.  I want nothing more to be a nurse at a point in time and was salty to know that some obstacles stood in the way of that opportunity.  My eyes were open to other opportunities that shaped me for the better.

Working with kids molded me into a role model.  I felt the need to present myself in a certain way to children daily.  Now I present myself this way to everyone, in every situation.  I have to characterize myself as a positive individual.  I gained a sense of humor and patience – traits that correspond to working with youth.  These traits are lessons to be learned in everyday life.  For better or for worse, I can’t complain with the outcome of events.  I’m making a difference in kids’ lives.  That’s almost as impactful as it comes.