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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

BW Sports live on!

There has been so much support around campus for all BW sports following the altercation that was at hand last semester.  I am a current athlete here at BW, the countless support from students, professors and community members who are engaged at BW all care to help current athletes feel comfortable and remain content despite what we are facing.  There are players of various sports who cannot compete past the regular season, as well as other sports that missed the playoffs despite having playoff record.

The pride that the school, students, staff and supporters has had in the recent months has elevated athletes to exceed.   The women’s basketball team and volleyball team was on the verge of playoff competitors; as well as the men’s basketball team.  As well as many individuals from the track team who has ran for record numbers are elite athletes in the nation.  Though it has been a tough time for our college in a harsh situation, we strived to show that BW sports still lives on!