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Faculty Spotlights

Jacqueline Morris

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    Ponca, NE

  3. Biography

    Dr. Morris received a B.S. from the University of Nebraska where she was active as an undergraduate in reproductive physiology research on bovine. She received her Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine in Biomedical Sciences in Houston, TX studying the role of the COX-2 gene on rat ovulation. She has completed post-doctoral fellowships at the Salk Institute and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where she studied the glia cell development in mice and fish.

    Dr. Morris brought her research experience to BW seven years ago and is an active member of the Neurosciences Program and the Department of Biology. Currently Dr. Morris engages students in hands on research projects to study myelination in zebrafish.

Questions and answers

Why did you choose to teach at BW?

BW is dedicated to providing out of the classroom experiences for students. Since BW emphasizes hands on experiences, I am able to spend time in the laboratory teaching students how to do research and to maintain and active undergraduate research program.

What characteristics distinguish BW from other colleges/universities?

The community of BW including faculty, staff and students are very supportive of each other. I enjoy getting to know the students in the classroom as people because then I can help them achieve their goals in and out of my classroom.

How do you mentor students?

Mentoring students is the best part of being a professor at BW. I am able to guide students in making decisions about their careers that work with their talents and lifestyle. I describe my mentoring style as challenging students to do their best while supporting them as they reach for their goals.

What do students like best about your class?

Students enjoy how I teach them to think as scientists and change the way that they view their jobs and other classes. I use a lot of case studies, real world examples in the classroom to understand the topics. When studying mitochondria, I relate the material to current dieting and exercises practices.

If you weren't teaching what would you be doing?

Since I have two boys, I am often at a sporting event or hanging out with them. Also I enjoy gardening, hiking, listening to music and camping on the Lake Erie Islands with my boys. Also any time that I am in the lab with students is my favorite hobby!