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All Was Right With The World, Then…..


 “What will I need for a month?”,  I thought, as I stood in my dorm room Friday evening staring at my belongings. In the end I filled two large suitcases and a laundry basket with the essentials for winter break and Mom and I headed home. I was ready for a break after the stressful final two weeks of my first semester of college but was also leaving with the knowledge that I would greatly miss my beloved classmates, friends, Baldwin Wallace University, and quaint little Berea Ohio.
My first night home was spent cuddling my little dog, Nina, watching (sleeping through) a Christmas movie with my mom and a midnight visit from my bubbly grandma, who was on her way home from a Christmas party. After that thirteen, glorious, uninterrupted hours of sleep, my Saturday consisted of relaxing, a workout, and dinner with my mom and my childhood friend at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  After dinner my friend, myself, and a large group of my favorite high school friends gathered at our mutual friend Molly’s house to catch up and hear her wild stories of adventure, as she had just returned from a study abroad semester in Europe. It was a great day followed by more sleep.
Sunday we woke up and went with my grandmother and great uncle to visit my great grandmother in the hospital (I did a little dance in her hospital room which made her smile) then I headed home to get ready to attend this year’s final performance in the twelve show run of “The Nutcracker Ballet” at the Ashtabula Arts Center where I had performed under the guidance of the talented Shelagh Dubsky in said ballet for ten years. Observing the ballet rather than performing was heart wrenching but I still recalled the feelings of nerves and excitement as if I was about to dance the Grande Pas.  After the lovely performance, I stuck around to catch up with everyone who had made an impact on my life. They were all pleased that I had come to see the show and of course made a big  fuss over the “college girl.” Shelagh was amazed at how I have matured already and gave me words of wisdom for my next semester at BW. I was at the Arts Center from 2 to 7pm, and after many hugs departed my home away from home.
My lovely day ended at my best friend’s farm laughing and catching up, although by around midnight I started to feel a little off. I headed home thinking I’m probably just tired or maybe I ate too much at the post Nutcracker party. NOT! That funny feeling has turned into a raging, truck ran over my spine, chills, fever, nausea, full blown case of Influenza! I guess I’ll blog again in a few days when I get out of bed. Tis’ the season…..