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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Music Theatre Major’s Senior Recitals

In the midst of many stressful, late night study, essay writing, and assignment completing sessions at the end of the last week of first semester classes, which also happens to be the weekend before finals week, I was privileged to see all 16 of the recitals the MT Majors presented.  The recitals all took place in a matter of four days! Exhausting, yes, but each hour long show was a little reminder as to why I love what I do so infinitely much. These recitals consist of about ten songs of the seniors choosing, which showcase who they are as individuals, parts they’ve played, or parts they want but will never have.

Some chose a comedic route, such as changing the words to songs to poke fun at classmates, and some were very mature and humbly simplistic. Every member of the class of 2013 showed such poise and self-awareness it was clear that they’re all nearly ready to hit the big apple as professionals. This was yet another experience which has sparked my desire to perform.  My class was all buzzing with clever ideas for our recitals..…in three years. Obviously opinions and time passing will bring about changes, but I do know that when the time comes to plan my recital, I have been given fantastic examples of professionalism.  BWMT13 is going to kick Broadway booty.