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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I had to stay at BW for an extra day due to call back auditions for “Carrie The Musical", at the start of Thanksgiving break, so I didn't get to go home until Wednesday the night before Thanksgiving. Most of my family couldn't come home this year so it was just my mom, my grandmother, and I.  We still had a big dinner at my grandma’s house and we just kind of chilled and watched the dog show and the replay of the Macy’s parade afterwards (I slept through the live airing of course). This was the first Thanksgiving that snuck up without warning, as this has been the most hectic non-stop semester so far.  It's been nice to have days where I can literally sit on my butt all day and eat an abundance of food.  My mom's sweet potatoes with marshmallows are my absolute favorite dish.

After we ate and vegged out, we decided to go see the new Disney princess movie, Frozen. We picked the 10pm showing and were the only people in the theatre, which isn't too surprising in Ashtabula Ohio. The movie was absolutely incredible and hilarious so I was happy we went out.  Black Friday consisted of NO shopping, watching repeated episodes of Gossip Girl, and seeing my best friends in the world, the "Bunheads."  This break wasn't enough recuperating time, and I had to go back a day early to practice MT Senior recital teching, but fortunately Christmas break is just in my reach after this torturous two-week finals stretch.