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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College



Sometimes if you are in the right place at the right time, you may just get an opportunity to do something a little random,  spontaneous, and fun. This is what happened to me about three weeks into my freshman year at Baldwin Wallace this past September.  A local Cleveland attorney, Tim Misny, was looking for some dancers to dance the Thriller zombie dance in a music video parody for an online advertisement. A senior MT friend of mine asked me to come along on the excursion to “Misnyland” to be a part of the spooky Thriller fun.

Upon arriving to Tim Misny’s mansion (after the 2 mile long driveway), about six of my friends and I were handed clown masks and told to go start learning the dance. It was like a real life movie set with camera men, makeup, and a director yelling “cut” and “action,” and a paycheck in the form of Starbucks bucks!  Our friend swiftly whipped up a chunk of MJ’s moves to fit to the Thriller music, we rehearsed once or twice, and filmed.

After a few takes, and a little frostbite, Tim invited us inside to have snacks and play with his darling little pug. By this time it was approaching midnight, and the ghouls had to come out again. We were taken out back to his beautiful patio to film the attack scene and of course the Misny-fied ending where all the zombies turn into Tim Misnys, who “Makes them pay.”  It was so hard to explain to friends what the heck it was I did when we got back to campus, but the best explanation is the result.  So, check out “Thriller” at Misnyland