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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Today October 26th, 2013 The Baldwin Wallace Music Theatre Majors had a Master Class with Ashley Landay from, Professional Artists Talent Agency in NYC. This small Agency represents directors and actors of Theatre, Film and Television.  It's a boutique style agency which means there is not a massive client list.  There are only three agents at the office.  This was the first time I had met Ashley or heard anything about Professional Artists, so I was excited to hear a new take on things in the business.


 As always the seniors gave two cuts and the rest did one shorter one. This was the longest any agent took to work with the seniors which was excellent for them and really it felt like a master CLASS.  She asked questions such as, "Why did you pick that material?", or, "Do it again and actually sing TO someone. " She made a lot of valid points and helped some people come to pretty awesome breakthroughs with their material. She responded well to me but informed me that the song I chose was tough and she doesn't particularly love the composure of it.  After the four hour class was over I asked her what  song she thought I could choose instead of "You Oughta Know",  and she basically just told me not to throw it out, but to find other rock styled pieces that are a little less angry and accentuate other qualities, and that my voice was very good for contemporary and rock musicals. She was very down to earth and made sure that we knew her agency was a small friendly laid-back environment.  Ashley represents Clare Eisentrout and Ryan Garrett from BW, two marvelous talents and both amazing kind souls, so I definitely think Ashley is someone I'd be thrilled to work with.