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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

I Made it Through the Wilderness

So, Fall Break was last weekend (hallelujah).  After my first ever midterms in harmony, solfege, keyboarding, and yes, even tap, I was MORE than ready to get the heck off campus.  Therefore, my friends and I seized the blessing of a long weekend to take a road trip to the beautiful Hocking Hills near Columbus.  We knew this rustic getaway would be trying considering the certain forecast of rain and cold temps, but it was time to get away for a couple days.  With nothing but a tent, blankets, water, hotdogs, and one roll of toilet paper, 9 naive campers set up at "the last campsite on the left" (omen? Probably.)  the night was long and cold.  The sun set promptly at 7pm, and so did our hopes of making it through the night.  Everybody's inner Alfred Hitchcock arose, and we began seeing scenes of our bloody demise with every rustle of leaves in the woods.  14 hours of excruciating terror passed slowly as we all cuddled in a tiny ball in the middle of the massive tent.  not even a fire could keep us safe, or provide us with cooked hotdogs because it was too wet to ignite.  By 2am, one friend had cracked and speared a raw hotdog with a broken umbrella handle and began gnawing on it, and another began fantasizing about IHOP.  Needless to say, it was a virtually sleepless night in the wilderness.  However, there is a positive to this mess of an expedition.  When morning came and our sanity began to restore, we made for the caves and nature trails fo Hocking Hills.  There are just miles of beauty and foliage along with some rugged climbing.  This made the whole trip worth while and made for some great photos.  So, although I would not wish our exact experience upon anyone, I would certainly recommend taking a trip to the Hocking Hills, an easy drive from Berea, or anywhere off campus for a weekend.  Surprisingly (and stupidly) enough, my friends and I made a pact to camp every Fall Break!