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We're Back

Hello, everyone.  Welcome back!  It’s a new school year. I arrived back on campus August 21st. I cannot believe it’s my sophomore year already.  I actually only left Berea for a total of about 10 days this summer.  I stayed here with friends instead of going home because of a theatre job I had for May and June, but I’ll write about that in another blog. The last time I left Berea was just before I had to move into my dorm.  I took a quick bus ride to NYC for a 5 day visit, then was home for a day.  As a result of being here working various jobs and being tired from my long bus ride I was not ready for it to be time to start classes.  If I had to do It over again I would have only stayed for the run of my show then found a job in my home town for the last two months but, you live and learn.  Unfortunately when I committed to staying in Berea for the whole three months to perform I did not realize that the drive, six to seven day a week, to my rehearsals in Cleveland Heights, would be a very unpleasant forty minutes on a good day.

My car is a 1994 VW Jetta, which I did not have here during last school year.  We had some repairs done on it and I brought it here the day before my May 13th first rehearsal.  The mechanic told my mom that it would need tires before winter.   The third day of rehearsal I hit a huge pot hole, on Chester Ave in Cleveland Heights, and blew up my tired and killed my wheel.  So, $500 later I have four new tires, a new wheel, a missing hub cap, and an empty bank account.  On the fifth day of rehearsal, I got a traffic camera ticket for some offense. It came in the mail just before school started, three months after it was recorded. Surprise!  Another $100.


Even though my summer was a little stressful, there were some great parts too.  I’ll write more about that soon.  I’m starting to settle in to school, slowly, and I am very busy. My classes start at 7:00am to 8:00am and I’m usually not done until 4:00 to 6:00pm. I was just cast in the big fall show, “Carousel The Musical”, and those rehearsals are Monday through Thursday from 6:30pm till 10:00ish and several hours during the day on Sunday. Whew!  It IS great to be back on campus with my MT classmates.  We have a blast together. We even made a BWMT2016 family dinner over Labor Day weekend (see photo). I’m thankful that my dorm has air-conditioning this year.  I’m looking forward to performing in my first Baldwin Wallace Musical, and my character is featured in a 6 minute ballet sequence.  I can’t wait for the choreography to start.  Let’s go, sophomore year.