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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


The day I left for Easter break I signed my first lease for a house my two friends and I are renting off campus next school year. One of my biggest big girl steps into the cold cruel adult  world. I had always been planning to live off campus junior year (whoa, I'm almost a junior) but it took awhile to make plans with a group of people that wanted to commit.

Finally this past month I and two classmates if mine started an online house hunt and began calling area land lords, but...nothing. No one was ready to talk leases and there was nothing available in the Berea area online.  A few weeks had passed and we were growing frustrated.  Something must have aligned in the real estate belt of the galaxies because my friend happen to log on to a local renters website to see a brand new post for a nice three bedroom right by BW! Too good to be true right?  Yes, because we contacted the landlords immediately and they said I we toured and liked the place it was ours!  Not only do we love the place, but it's HUGE and the landlords are the previous owners and some of the nicest folks I've ever dealt with.  With the security deposit sent, and lease signed the only thing that could rain on my parade is the classic roommate power struggle but I'm praying that we all swallow our pride and make this the best two final years of school in the best house on _______ Street. (Can't tell you...HAHA)