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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Wednesday night, in Gamble Auditorium, was the preview performance of the Baldwin Wallace Music Theatre class of 2013's Senior Showcase.  Senior Showcase is the final and most important step in the MT's college career.  This is where each senior does two contrasting cuts that best represent them and the versatility they possess as performers for dozens of agents in NYC in hopes of being signed.


For example, James Penca did an intense love ballad from a classical show contrasted with "Sexy and I Know It" on guitar.  Vicky is so smart about what she chooses for each of them and about what shows are hot and relevant right now, so she was able to get music from things that just hit Broadway.    The opening of the whole showcase was the upbeat dance number from "Bring It On" the Musical which will show the agents that everyone in the class is physically fit and can move well.  Vicky also makes sure those who can dance particularly well are the most prevalent part of the number.  The closing number was "When Your Mind's Made Up" from Once, which was just unbelievable, and literally left me speechless.  Every person in the class is very musically inclined, so they each played their respective instruments like violin, cello, piano, and there was even an accordion, shoeing each of them could step into the roles in the show right now.  Each choice made as far as material was right and should make for some happy grads come New York showcase this coming Tuesday the 16th. 

The class of 2013 will be in a hotel all week going from  performance to performance, and are even getting to perform a Cabaret with alums who are now on Broadway on Tuesday as well.  It’s an action packed week, but some people see it as the first week of the rest of their lives.  This is the time where these once kids are about to establish who they're going to be the rest of their lives.  Being close with a lot of the seniors, the hype is already getting to me even though I won't showcase for another three years!  I believe my class can take the industry by storm like the class of 2013 is about to.  Living the dream, they say!