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Our latest MT Masterclass in the series for 2013/14 was with Tony Cloer, owner of Blue Ridge Entertainment Company. Vicky and others in the department thought it would be wise to expose us to a theatre manager as opposed to the agents that normally conduct Masterclasses. Tony is just that, a manager who works in all acting mediums meaning he submits his clients for TV, film, and theatre. A manager such as Tony virtually doubles as an agent because he began as an agent and also has a very small clientele list, but, some managers sign their clients solely for TV/film work. Tony gave us a background on why he became a manager. He essentially explained that he wanted to call the shots on his own business, so he broke off and did it! Now he runs a very successful company and represents some of New York's most recognized talent INCLUDING, BW grads Steel Burkhardt and Jill Paice, who are both in the midst of very fruitful careers. So, needless to say the man knows what he's doing!

This class ran like every other, the seniors with two cuts, and juniors and sophomores with one. The only difference was it was much more fast paced than previous classes as Tony only gave kind of "first impression" type criticisms like commenting on choice of material or how each person's voice matched their songs. This threw me off at first because I wondered why he only cared about such surface, almost shallow, aspects of performances, but, I now realize that he was representing what goes on in each casting director or producers mind, when they are seeing hundreds of auditions a day. Either it's there or it's not, either they have the notes, look right, and fit the role right, or not. I began enjoying the fact  that Tony was commenting on only those things because it made it very real for those of us observing. He liked what he saw from me and asked for another cut of a MT piece after I sang a rock song cut. We then had our normal Q and A session and mock interviews. It was a great masterclass, and I feel as though if I'm lucky enough to have an interview with Tony after my senior showcase in 2016, he could do a lot to boost my stage and screen career. And with that, I'm junior status in the Masterclass world!!