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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Saturday March 23, 2013, was the final regularly scheduled master class in the MT Masters series, for the music theatre majors, in this, my freshman year.  This four hour long master class was given by Justin Huff of Telsey + Company, one of the largest casting companies located in New York City.  As always the seniors did their two cuts, juniors and sophomores one, while we freshmen just sat and observed.  Justin did things a little bit differently than the previous casting directors we've hosted.  For example,  he didn't give critiques so much based upon  the complete package of how each person should be marketing themselves but more so coached each individual song.  He pushed the importance of knowing the given circumstances of each piece within the context of the show because that helps set up the mood and connotation of each song.  Normal people don't just break out into musical numbers for no apparent reason, so there has to be a motive.  He also gave the seniors his honest opinion about their headshots and why they did or didn't flatter them.  Justin was incredibly down to earth and honest, which I admired.  The one story he told that really moved me was about when he cast the musical, Newsies.  He said that the most rewarding part of the whole process was getting to tell 14 hopeful boys that their biggest dreams were going to come true.  I thought that was just beautiful, to know  that he still acknowledges the magic of Broadway and a young actor’s aspirations to be under the lights in NYC.  Hearing a story such as the one Mr. Huff told confirmed, in my mind, that I am indeed  in the right field.  Justin had begun his career as an actor himself, so he's great at seeing the business from a 360 degree view point.  It was a great master class to end the series, and I look forward to Justin coming back. www.telseyandco.com