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Baldwin Wallace Conservatory has the oldest collegiate Bach Festival in the nation. This is a wonderful tradition.  However, a few years ago a small group of conservatory students decided to add a little variety to the spring concert lineup.  They formed a Beatles cover band and, well, it is fast becoming a much larger event than the original students involved could have imagined.

The first year the band of seniors performed  what was meant to be a small concert of the songs from the album, Abbey Road.  There was so much positive feedback and support that they made the decision to make it a yearly event.  The originals plus younger students immediately began working on what they would do for the second year.

Last year in 2012, the reformed group performed the songs of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and were met with a huge overflowing crowd.  This year the concert has morphed into The Beatles Festival.  They will be performing in a larger venue and the concerts will cover the 1967 album, Magical Mystery Tour.  The best part is that the concerts, which span three days March 22-24, are still free!   I had the opportunity to hear the group at a Jazz club performance in Cleveland last month and, trust me, you want to make every effort to attend one or all of these BWBeatles concerts.  Who knows, years from now they may be calling BWBeatles Fest the oldest collegiate Beatles Festival in the nation, and you can say you were there when it all began, I know I will.  For further information please read: http://www.bw.edu/news/beatlesfest/.