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On a recent Saturday I had several hours of rehearsal for BW's Spring Dance Concert then got cleaned up and headed to lunch with three of my girlfriends, Dana, Mary, and Katie. Dana's mother was in town visiting and generously treated us all to a wonderful lunch at Cleveland's, “Hard Rock Café”, and then a day at the world famous “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum”.  After devouring our delicious 10oz burgers at Hard Rock, we moved on to the Rock Hall, where I haven't been since childhood.

The first stop upon entering was a mini movie theater that displays the history of rock and roll and some of the icons that came before rock and roll like Louis Armstrong.  After the short film was over, the doors opened to what seemed to be a mystical wonderland of all kinds of amazing musical history.  I was in complete awe off all of the artifacts, clothing, documents, etc. displayed at the Rock Hall, but some showcases made me stop in my tracks. One was the Beatles exhibit, which displayed everything from clothes and guitars, to John Lennon's middle school report card, which happened to say he couldn't focus in school.  Although I’ve never had a teacher write a negative comment on my report card and have always been a decent student, I struggle with issues of being unfocused and distracted when trying to concentrate on school work.  It is nice to know that a legend like John Lennon could accomplish what he did with attentions issues.  I guess there’s hope for me yet.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum is filled with exhibits which show a side of these amazing recording  artists that a person  may not be able to experience anywhere else in the world.  It humanizes our idols to some degree and it allows the patron to feel more connected to an artist by seeing some of their ordinary possessions along with the tools they used to create their art. The museum is huge and really requires more than a few hours to experience it in its entirety.  I hope all Baldwin Wallace University students get to see this gem while living in the Cleveland area.  It is well worth it. Thanks, Dana’s Mother, for a wonderful day.