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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


"Wow, you go to a really nice school", my mother said, with slight sarcasm, as she stepped out of the car in the parking lot of Baldwin Wallace University Lou Higgins Center. She was there to bring me home for the second time during spring break, (I came back to Berea after an audition in Cleveland Heights the first Sunday of break to stay for a few days). She had, of course, been on campus a few times but this time I asked her to pick me up at the rec and she had not seen that building before.

It got me thinking that she was right, I do go to a really nice school with a beautiful campus. BW may be small, but I enjoy the homey feel, close buildings, and old colonial looking architecture. I'm lucky enough to be a student of the Conservatory, which was just completely remodeled two years ago. The "new con" has a more futuristic feel than the older parts of the building, with lots of open windows and new practice rooms. The con isn't the only part I enjoy. My mom was correct, the rec is awesome and the perfect size for the number of students who go to BW. The upstairs has classrooms, a lounge, and a giant dance studio for classes. The lower level has a regulation track, basketball court, wrestling area, swimming pool, and a full gym with tons of workout equipment. My other favorite building on campus is Marting Hall which is where all types of classes and lectures take place. The tower atop Marting is where BW musicians entertain during our legendary Bach Festival. It is easy to see why BW is ranked one of the Best Midwestern Colleges by Princeton Review. I love my school!