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Mexican food is my weakness. I really could eat it nearly every day and not get tired of it. My mom makes me wonderful Mexican dishes when I'm home,  including tacos, burritos, nachos, and, OH, her enchiladas. But when I'm here at BWU I substitute mom's cuisine for a little place called Maya, your classic Americanized Mexican joint. Literally, my roomate and I can't even say the word Maya or we'll be there for dinner faster than you can say "quesadilla." 

I had the pleasure of eating there twice this past week, and I will not apologize. Food is extremely important to a college student, as hectic schedules can often make finding the time to eat, at all, difficult. The first trip to Maya this week was a much needed post-Carrie reward. Several of my closest friends from the cast decided our tech week woes should be assuaged  in delicious food consumption. The second trip was, just because. My friend Izzy who is half Mexican and half Cuban invited me and a few others to have a Mexican feast with her. Both times we ordered my ever favorite queso dip, which normally fills me up to the point of not being able to eat my meal. My "go to" dish is the enchiladas rojas. Not as good as my mom's but a close second. I've also tried their version of a taquito which is a fried flour shell with chicken and queso.....YUM. Obviously not the healthietst of meals, but when you do Maya, you don't go halfway. Now however, I might start cheating on my original love, Maya, as my friends and I discovered another gem south of the border called Barrio in Lakewood. Five different kinds of queso, build your own tacos and drinks served in Ball jars, need I say more? Sorry Maya, but until Carrie's over we're going to have to take a break. It's not you, It's me.