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The rest of tech week this past week went fairly will although there was no relenting of the snow and severe cold.   Temperatures hovered in the single digits and again it dipped below 0.  It has made traveling back and forth to Lakewood the past seven consecutive days a little interesting, but we all got through it safely.  We had Ben Meadors in to photograph the dress rehearsal Wednesday and the photos turned out great.  Thursday was preview night and that went quite well also, considering the large amount of stage blood used in the prom scene of this production, that is saying a lot. The blood is specifically formulated to be able to be washed out of the several costumes it saturates each performance. It's probably a good thing that there are not two performance days of this show! Opening night went really well also, other than an unfortunate shorting out of Carrie's microphone caused by the pig blood dousing in the final scene.  That glitch will be addressed before Saturday's performance. My mom and grandmother got to see opening night and my mom loved it my grandmother "liked" it but said it wasn't really a grandma kind of show. Whatever could she mean?! Ha!



If anyone is in the area and is able to take in http://www.bw.edu/news/carrie/, I would recommend you do.  After all, it it is the regional premiere, and how often to you get to see a musical based on a Stephen King novel? Carrie runs through March 9th.  Here is a wonderful review by Roy Berko, the first, of our opening night:

I am also including the link to 
Ben Meadors' wonderful photos:
along with my favorite which is posted with this blog.  In case you're wondering, that's me, the blonde dying on the gym floor in front of Carrie.  So, come see Carrie the musical, or they're all going to laugh at you!