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Blood Test

On Sunday, 1/26/14, we braved the bitter cold temps and treacherous driving conditions to arrive safely for our noon to six Carrie the Musical rehearsal at Beck Center for the Arts, in Lakewood, about 20 minutes from my beloved Baldwin Wallace University campus. Everyone was pretty stoked for this rehearsal as it was to culminate in a "blood test"!  I know most people aren't thrilled to get blood work but you haven't met our cast. They needed three students but got many more volunteers. Everyone wanted to try it but, of course that wouldn't be feasible.  You see, a Carrie blood test doesn't involve a needle but the process does include being thoroughly doused in large amounts of a very realistic looking stage pig blood and wearing a bathing suit in 0 degree weather.

The test was to set up the blood bucket in the appropriate position, so that when it dumps its contents on Carrie, it hits her right on the noggin( Sissy Spacek style). The bloody mess is a concoction of chocolate syrup, baby shampoo, dish detergent and other household products. It's nasty looking but smells quite delicious. Vicky randomly chose three lucky victims from the cast to get dunked as on, Slime Time Live. They were all prepared with swim trunks and bikinis and each received a messy blood shower 2 or 3 times. It took multiple trials to figure out exactly where Carrie must stand to get prime punishment. This allowed me to get some great blood shots with my phone, one of which I’m including with this blog entry.  Now that we have time to perfect things in tech it will make for a classic Stephen King climax when we open on February 7th!  We're hoping the public will be shocked and disgusted...in the best way!