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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Back to school and off and running! The Master Program started off with a big MasterClass with Ron LaRosa of Disney Global Entertainment and Eric Woodall of Tara Rubin Casting. Ron and Eric are friends through past interactions and were a hilarious and poignant duo to have for a Masterclass on the stage of Gamble auditorium. I chose to do new material, and sing Look At Me Now,  from Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party. It was a big success for me and Ron and Eric loved the song but gave me a couple helpful pointers as far as wardrobe and makeup. In general their comments were very honest and truly insightful and based off of what it is really like to be on the other side of the audition table. 


They were the first directors I have heard be so specific about how an audition differs so much from a performance and even a callback. It is a first impression, and a small slot of time to show complete strangers who you are and why you're right for the role they're casting. That means more minimalism (oxymoron?), connection to the text, and to the people in the room. They even had a couple students stand a couple feet from them to represent how personal a real NY audition could be. It was a great class and an awesome way to kick off the second semester.