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I spent the first ten days of break in my home town snowed in some of the time and just relaxing a lot of the time.  I got to see some of my old ballet friends and a couple school friends and went to see the production of the Nutcracker Ballet, which I had danced in for 10 years, at the arts center where I grew up. My friends and I also had a cookie baking get together that was really fun.  Our get togethers  always end up with my one friend who is a piano major at Vanderbilt and my other friend who is a voice performance major at Ohio State and I singing around the piano.  Great times!  The second Sunday of break a larger group of my friends had a party and then that night my boyfriend arrived from NYC at the bus station in Cleveland.  I was thankful that one of my best friends rode along with me to pick him up as his bus was really late and we didn't get back to my house until 4:00am.  He stayed with my mom and I for a couple days visiting and relaxing and then on Christmas Eve day we drove the two hours up to his home town for a holiday party and to visit with his family.  We stayed there until the day after Christmas then took the bus to his place in Brooklyn so he could get back to work and so we could spend a week just doing some fun NY stuff.  

 The plan was to be in New York for New Years Eve and it was a great plan. We did stay away from Times Square though.  That just doesn't even seem fun to me.  I was supposed to take the bus back to Cleveland the day after New Years Day but a giant snow storm was rapidly approaching and there was not a bus ticket to be had. The snow came that night and NYC pretty much shut down with 10 inches of snow. After much time on the internet searching I was able to find a ticket on the Greyhound to Cleveland for Friday night which would arrive in Cleveland on Saturday morning, just in time for me to be home for one day wash my clothes and head back to Berea and BWU to start the rehearsals for "Carrie The Musical" at 1:00 on Sunday.  I spent this past week staying with cast mates in Berea and rehearsing 9 hours a day.  After the last day of rehearsal for the week, Friday night, I again headed back to my hometown for one day and then here it is Sunday January 12, 2014 and spring semester starts tomorrow!  For me that means a Class at 7:45am.  Yuck!  I'm excited for spring semester and Carrie but I will not be loving the early mornings this week.  Well, I better get packed. I'm heading back to Baldwin Wallace this afternoon.