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Let It Snow


I am really starting to miss my Baldwin Wallace University friends and classmates, even though I still have lots of hometown friends yet to visit and fun activities planned, including a new years eve party, for the remainder of the winter break. Tragically, I am now sick for the third time, this time with a cold, but do not plan to let illness put a damper on my New Year’s Eve or the soaking up of fun and relaxation in my remaining time home before……CLASSES START.  In the mean time, I am getting the chance to be a little kid again.

My aunt and two cousins (ages 9 and 11) are here visiting from the Northwestern Indiana area for a few days and yesterday I was able to take the kids sledding!  We have a beautiful park near my home, Lakeshore Park, which is a Lake Erie beach park that also has some great sled riding hills.  The ten inches of snow we have received in the past two days made possible some perfect sledding conditions. So yesterday we bundled up in our warmest snow gear and I loaded my two cousins, Annabel and Oliver, into my car and we ventured over to the windy Lake Erie shore for some fun.  My cousins and I found the best spot for speed sledding and went for it. Of course they made their big cousin go first, so I went down the hill to the bottom which is normally a hangout spot for the park’s geese in the warmer months. This was evident when my sled plopped right into a puddle of brown snow, mud, and yes, goose droppings. A bad to start to what was otherwise a fun classic winter activity. The three of us went down the hills time after time trying different tactics like holding hands or going down backwards. My cousins giggled for an hour and a half and I told them stories of when my friends and I used to sled at the same place and accidentally wipe out other innocent children with our tubes. By the time they had had enough I begged for one more time down the hill, and they gave in under the stipulation that we didn’t let go of each others hands. I had a blast reminiscing on my childhood at Lakeshore.


When we returned from sledding we got cleaned up and visited my Great Granny in the hospital then took a drive through Lake Shore Park to see the nice Christmas light display that is set up all through the park for the holiday and after that we went to a little Italian restaurant for my favorite lobster bisque.  After dinner we came home and played a rousing game of Mad Gab then watched a movie until 2:30am. A good, solid, fun day.  Sometimes it feels good to be a kid again.Cached - SimilarShare