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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

End of the Semester Party


So remember how I mentioned that the BW admissions staff is awesome????  Well as a thank you, the admission staff put on an “End of the Semester/Holiday Party” for all of the student workers.  Pizza, AMAZING cupcakes (I think they were made with Sprite or Mountain Dew; either way I had like three of them), candy and just a great time.  I always knew the staff cared about us :-D (TEAR).  LOL
So glad the end of the semester has arrived though.  I am ready for a month long break that is long overdue.  It does seem like a shorter semester than most but WHO CARES?!?!  I am going to come back to BW well rested and geared up for more activities next semester.  I hope you all have wonderful and safe holiday season and enjoy it all!!