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The Break is Over

I had such a great time over the Thanksgiving Break with my girlfriend. Obviously more food thank we could handle was consumed but that's okay because it's Thanksgiving!!  For this break I met more people from my girlfriend's family, had an interesting tiff between a few people, and slept the week away.  Now reality is setting back in and school has resumed.  Now to finish off these last two weeks and we will be home free!!

Re-cap of my semester:
•    I took two executive board positions as Treasurer for VOP and MIA
•    Went to class -__-
•    Went to work
•    Went to class some more -__-
•    Got a new car :-D
•    Went a full week without power at BW (this was actually a really fun week)
•    Went to class some more -__-

Overall, I think it's been a pretty productive semester.  That must be why I'm so ready for break.  I can tell because it's that love/hate part of the semester.  You know that time when the semester is almost over but everyone throws 10,000 assignments at one time.  Yeah - LOVE/HATE
Well I'm out of here.  I need to find my friends so I can annoy them.