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I’m Graduating in 4 Years!

Baldwin Wallace is doing everything they uphold their four-year guarantee by having students graduate in four years.  One way the college is making sure this happens is by encouraging students to complete their Graduation Plan.

The Grad Plan is basically a tool that students use to help plan out the courses they would like to take over the four years at BW.  The good thing about the tool is that it gives you an idea of what you should take, when you should take it and it helps you better understand when you should graduate.

With this Grad Plan comes stress as well.  I have been working on my Grad Plan for about three or four weeks and I am exhausted.  Figuring out what classes to take and when to take them, making sure I’ve included all of my core classes… THIS IS RIDICULOUS.  Fortunately, my Grad Plan is complete and I am at peace of mind.  Now I can focus more on other things that are going on around campus such as current classes and my social life. :)