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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Hello everyone!!

“I came in like a wrecking ball!  I never hit so hard in love!  All I wanted was to break your walls!  All you ever did was wreck me!”

-Miley Cyrus

This has been the song of my life for the past few weeks.  No matter which job I work, there is always a group of people I can count on to sing this with.  Very unorthodox but I’m Javonté so I can do things like that.

How’s everything with you?  Are things going great?  What’s new?  How’s school? HOW’S LIFE?

I’m back in the groove of things with a great start to a great school year.  Last year, I went through a ton of personal issues that prevented me from excelling like I should have.  But this year I am proud to say that I doing better than ever this year.

This summer has been full of engagements, weddings, babies being born, and work (as usual).  That’s just the life you live as a rockstar I guess.  Well it’s been a pleasure to write to you all again.  I will be back soon.  Time for some hardcore studying.  Gotta keep those grades up! DUECES!