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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Welcome Back Snow

It's been a while since it's snowed here in Cleveland.  Along with the snow is the cold weather.  Along with the cold weather is my allergies taking full control of my body.  Along with my allergies is this wonderful common cold I now have -_____- This is not how I imagined my first day back to classes after the wonderful Easter Break.  So for now, you can find me with lots of hot tea and lemon, bundled up, with the look of sinus congestion.  Hopefully I'm better before this weekend.  So I would like to thank the snow for making me feel like a complete worthless loser.  I appreciate you so much.  Sincerely, Sick Person. :-(

For all of those who are in the Cleveland Area, please bundle up.  Keeps yourselves healthy and upbeat.  Don't let this craziness known as Ohio Weather get you down.  Make the best of it and enjoy your day!!