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It's time for the Student Body Presidential Elections here at BW.  The candidates have a pretty big job ahead of them it from my perspective, it's a pretty tough election for both parties.  The Teal/Mahoney as well as the Norris/Rivers candidates have pretty solid platforms and both are looking to do many great things should they be elected into office.  What sucks for many of the students is making the decision as to who to vote for.  Personally, I am still weighing out my options because either one I vote for I know will do an excellent job.

I attended the debate Presidential debate and it amazed me how well developed and detailed each platform was.  This is very comforting for me because this lets me know that the candidates are very serious about their running for office.  It lets me know that they have put thought into what they want to do should they be elected to office.  It also lets me know that they will do their best to represent the student body and Baldwin Wallace University to the best of their ability.

I do congratulate all the candidates on a job well done at the debate and I wish everyone luck.  They have really forcing us to make a tough decision.