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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Let's Get Started!

We're back to school I can't be more excited.  I had a lot of fun on winter break while in California and even when I came back to Cleveland.  Christmas didn't seem much like Christmas though due to the sunny, 75 degree Californian weather.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed taking time off to relax and prepare for the new semester.  I spent about a week and a half in California visiting my mother and I loved every bit of it.  I was, however, ready to return back to Cleveland.  There's nothing like home for me.


Now that the new semester is here, I am really excited to start fresh and see all of my friends from school.  I actually am excited to attend classes (weird, right?).  I know that this semester is going to be full of fun, excitement, struggles, but most importantly victory.  I know I will come out proud of my first year here at Baldwin Wallace University.  Let's get started!