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And it was the last week of classes….

Hey guys! Wow I still am in a state of shock that this is the last official week of classes before the semester is over! Just like I said in my last blog, don’t blink time flies way to fast! I can most certainly say (for almost all if not all of my BW colleagues) this is always the busiest week of the entire semester. Professors want you to prove to them that you have been paying attention and have learned what they expect of you by doing a variety of group project, presentations, papers, and then also prepare for the final exam that will be given next week. But kids I hate to break it to you, but that is college.


It’s not all work, but if you do want to succeed in your college career, then you must really pay attention, be attentive in class, and most importantly go to class! This week is very stressful but if you stay focused, and get off social media, I promise you will get through it successfully, believe me this is my 5th time around going through this week of complete anxiety and I am in perfectly good shape! I suggest after this week you give yourself time to reward yourself for all the hard work you have done this semester, I’m not saying do not continue to focus on finals, yet take maybe an hour or two during the weekend to do something you truly enjoy, for me it’s going to be snowboard, my biggest passion in my life. Just think after next week the semester will be completely over and we have 4 weeks off! We get to do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want! Never thought you would hear those words again did you? Well there they are!