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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Hey guys! I’m sure you have been hearing all the wonderful Christmas songs which is why I decided to begin this blog off with a nice part of one of my favorite Christmas songs! Today is the last Sunday of the semester! Finals begin tomorrow and end Friday which means we just need to get through this week and we have a whole month to ourselves! I have been trying to stay focused and not stress too much over finals but hello I’m a typical college student so it hasn’t been going so well. I turn to my best friend, the gym when I cannot handle the stress, it really relaxes me.


This past Thursday I went to cab pizza. Cab pizza is a weekly event occurring every Thursday, where the commuters on campus put on an all-you-can eat Papa John’s pizza for just 2$! Everyone loves pizza (especially college students), therefore I think this is a great idea! It benefits Papa John’s and Baldwin Wallace it couldn’t get much better than that! This week was special; being the last cab pizza, there was musical chairs. I decided to opt out of playing but I enjoyed watching that’s for sure! The winner won a 25$ gift card to amazon which was pretty cool! Hopefully cab pizza will continue for the next semester I’m sure it will! J