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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Happy Friday

Happy Friday friends! It is officially the best day of the week! Friday, is what all college students live for. The alarm clock goes off, you really want to do everything but get out of bed and then you think to yourself well hey, it’s Friday, that means it’s the weekend. This is how I wake up every Friday and I can 100 percent say that I am one of those people that absolutely live for the weekend! Having to wake up every day and go to multiple classes is just not my thing. I do not like waking up at the crack of dawn nor do I like staying up all night doing homework or studying. Needless to say, I don’t think any college student does therefore the weekends are all we can look forward to!

I am not at all saying I do not enjoy learned, I do and am so blessed that I have the opportunity to learn each and every day, it is just that the whole doing it at 8am is not my thing. My favorite part of the weekend is getting to socialize with friends. Whether it be going out and celebrating the Friday, or just staying in and watching movies and eating as much pizza as possible. I enjoy both types of settings. Now that you have heard my opinion on the weekend, go make your own opinion and do with it what you want! Make it a good one, have fun, be safe, and eat lots of pizza! J