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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Throwback Thursday

 Hey fellow followers, Today is (as known on Instagram) as Throwback Thursday. This Thursday I am throwing it back to the day I got my acceptance letter into the wonderful Baldwin-Wallace College. You may be wondering why I wrote Baldwin Wallace College, that is because just in the summer going into my sophomore year, which would be the summer of 2012. Anyhow, I remember the day so vividly. I got home from high school and the letter was waiting at my seat at the table. There was no hesitation to open it, I ripped the seal and my heart instantly started pounding. Obviously the letter was a letter of acceptance and thankfully not rejection and the decision was already made after my first visit to BW and this was the piece needed to fully complete the decision. My family couldn’t be any happier!

Back to reality, Today was a just okay day. The reason why it was not a good day was because my favorite pair of glasses broke. I was wearing them and literally just took them off and they broke. I am hoping Eyemasters can fix them because they are my favorite pair! After my classes, I babysit the family of four which is part of my normal Thursday routine. Everything went well babysitting and I even got a chocolate shake and pizza for dinner! It doesn’t get any better than getting paid to eat pizza!