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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Happy Hump Day!!

We made it through half of the week! The bad news is I have the flu. I do not get sick therefore when I do it is super bad. The other bad news is that I am supposed to work tonight (at the good ole Outback Steakhouse), and no matter how sick we have to go into work or find someone to work for us. Of course nobody is willing to work for me so my plan is to throw up right when I get there therefore they have to send me home.

I was not able to go to my classes today due to being sick. I got plenty of sleep but honestly it did not help. It does happen, getting sick but it is still the student’s responsibility to notify the professor and complete the work you missed. BW, being a small liberal arts school, in my opinion is more sympathetic then other larger schools when sick. It is very hard to deal with being sick for me because I try and be productive every day and when you are sleeping, there is no way to be getting things done. Being sick is a challenge and hopefully my challenge goes away soon!