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Great Gatsby Y'all

What’s up, everyone?! Today was a super duper good day. The reason for this was because I was very productive (procrastination usually gets the best of me). I took my dreaded finance test and feel very confident about it. I also did the typical house chores; cooking, cleaning, laundry. Then I was able to make my way to the gym, where I sweat out all of my anxiety regarding the upcoming week. Working out is my stress reliever. It is something I can always go to when I am feeling anxious about things and it never fails to calm me down. While this is not the case for everyone, you just have to find what calms you down and stick to it.


This past weekend was also great. Friday night I had to work, but Saturday I attended a 1920’s themed Great Gatsby party. My friends and I dressed as flappers, and we were definitely the hit of the party! The guys did not participate with dressing the theme, but it was still fun. If people ever tell you that there is nothing to do on this campus, they’re crazy! Every weekend since I’ve been back at BW this semester, I’ve had places to go and things to do. There is always something to do if you put yourself out there and find them! Till next time