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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Hey guys, Just giving you my daily update on this beautiful Sunday! Well let’s start with the typical Sunday afternoon seeing as the Cleveland Browns lost (what else is new…). I spent my entire Sunday working at the good old Outback Steakhouse. I spent my first few hours there watching the browns due to the fact that we had barely any customers. This put a damper on my whole day because I was expecting to make lots and lots of money.

Later on we did start to get busy in the restaurant, which was a good thing (well I thought it would be a good thing), but it actually was the opposite. We were down our main grill cook and only people who have worked in the food industry know what that is like. It was a complete disaster. The food was taking so long to get to the peoples’ tables that we were buying almost every other tables food because everyone was complaining. For example, my table waiting 40 minutes for their entrees to come out, to put it in perspective, the most it should ever take is 20 minutes tops! The manager paid for their bill, but they were so nice about it and still left me a great tip. I always make sure my customers leave happy because that’s what I’m getting paid to do. Plus I enjoy making their dining experience a great one. Let’s just hope our grill cook shows up tomorrow. Until next time!

#ClevelandBrowns #OutbackSteakhouse #Disaster