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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Oh Mondays...

Hello, just giving you all an update on my daily life here at the wonderful Baldwin Wallace University. Today is the day everybody really dreads… Monday (Montag for those of you that know German). It is especially hard for me to wake myself up knowing that finance class is the first and hardest class of the day. I did however, meet with my finance professor and he cleared up all my misunderstandings. For that I am very relieved.  I even took my homework quiz for the chapter I was confused on and got 10 out of 10. Don’t ever be ashamed to ask for help because you will be the one who benefits in the end!

Onto the next event of the day, which are my German classes. German literature is another one of my harder classes, but all the reading and translating will pay off in the end. German conversation however, is very fun and exciting because we watch TV series and I can understand every word, which I think is pretty cool! Later on in the day my roommate and I decided to take a trip to big bird (Giant Eagle). We shopped for groceries and actually got great deals. We got lots of food inexpensively, so it should hopefully last us for the rest of the month. Until next time!