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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

One Month Left!!

And there was one month left….. This pertaining to my study abroad experience trip that will officially begin March 18th! As you all know I am studying abroad this semester in Osnabrueck, Germany and am so excited, that being said the nerves are also starting to kick in since it is coming up super soon! I have this crazy mind-set that once I get there I will forget all the German I have ever learned and am just going to completely freeze, which lets all hope and pray that doesn’t happen! But on another note, I leave for a little vacation to Florida tomorrow!

My grandparents spend their winters in the warm weather of Naples, Florida which is where I am headed tomorrow. They couldn’t stand not seeing me before I leave for my big Germany adventure therefore they are flying me down to see them! I am excited for many things, the sun number one of course which my pale ginger skin doesn’t agree with, to spend quality time with my grandparents, and also to be able to do swim laps as my workout rather than spend all my time inside in a gym. I will be spending five wonderful days there and am determined to get a tan! J Let’s hope I come home with tan skin and I promise to bring some sun back with me as well!