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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Hump Day!!!!

 Hey there followers. I hope you are all continuing to stay warm and bundled up with as many blankets as possible! I know I sure have been all warm and cozy spending a great deal of time reading my new obsession the Fifty Shades series. I am already on the last book and today I found of there is a Fifty Shades of Grey movie which comes out on Valentine‚Äôs Day. I bet none of you can guess how I will be spending my February 14th

Today was another typical day, starting off with bettering my body and working out. I ventured onto my worst enemy: the stair-climber! I was very surprised with my outcome; I was able to climb for 20 minutes without stopping. I decided to reward myself with the famous college food of Chipotle (which was absolutely fantastic). I also worked for a good 4 hours and had some very lets just say interesting customers (for a lack of a better word). Work overall was good no problems which is always a plus. I hope some of you had a more exciting day then myself. . . Talk to you soon!