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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


It surely has been chilly out these past few days! Call me crazy but I love it! Today was actually supposed to be a day reserved for snowboarding but since the roads are so bad and it’s such a blizzard out the ski trip was cancelled. The Ski trip was organized through BW’s outdoors club which we partake in some pretty cool adventures if I do say so myself. This ski trip was to Holiday Valley, which for those who are not familiar it is an outstanding ski resort located in Ellicottville, NY.


“The Outdoor Adventure Club seeks to promote recreation and healthy living through a variety of outdoor activities including an annual whitewater rafting trip.” Some activities we participate in are ice climbing, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and many other extreme activities! We travel to many different locations and the prices for participating in these trips are cost efficient, which is one of the many reasons I love outdoors club. Back to the ski trip ordeal, I just got news it will be rescheduled thankfully! Let’s just hope the roads clear up for the safety of everyone. Stay warm!