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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Gardener Falls

A bunch of us got together and took a day trip half an hour away from campus into the Glass House Mountains. We went way up and ended up in a park on a beautiful hot Saturday. A short hike later we were at the top of a waterfall and everyone was just jumping in. Yes, I did jump off a higher ledge the first week with out hesitation but this time I was shaking like a leaf! A slow clap from the 7 people I went with and about 10 others I didn’t know got me to jump. Of course it wasn’t bad. However, there was also a rope swing. I mean this is the highest rope swing I have ever seen. I would say its about  30-35 feet above the water I am 5’4 and you can measure from the picture (I was not at the highest point there). This was so scary but exhilarating! I had a huge adrenaline rush and once was enough for me. Many of the boys were doing back flips and jumping from even higher than necessary. '

When we left one of the cars we were in had a dead battery and I am very proud to say I pretty much directed a group of 7 men on that we could try push starting the car, (didn’t work), I went back to the falls to find jumper cables, directed them on how to properly use the cables and that the alive car needed to give it some gas to revive the dead car. Sorry to brag but I felt pretty smart! Thank you drivers education tenth grade! When we got back to school we went to my roommates rugby game. What a great weekend with the zoo and a little adventure!