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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Australian Zoo

We were fortunate enough as poor college students to get a discounted ticket to The Australian Zoo through my favorite student organization, The Student Guild. We took an all day trip to the over 100 acre zoo that is famous because of Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter. The zoo had a huge memorial to Steve with pictures, albums, quotes, and even his shoe! The zoo was very interactive and all about animal awareness and conservation. This was the first zoo I have been at where I didn’t feel bad for the animals.

We saw a cheetah out with a trainer, tasmanian devils being walked, and koalas being carried by workers. The elephants had 70 acres of land to roam in from 4pm to 8am! That is huge! I got to feed an elephant, and to pet kangaroos and koalas. We watched the tiger workers play with the tigers and it was just an amazing sight to see such huge beautiful cats playing with the workers. I would have been terrified of course because the tigers looked so strong and were really attacking the large objects, from balloons to what looked like empty water gallons, that were hanging from the poles the worker was waving. One of the crocodiles there was born in the 1930’s! The names of the animals were so interesting and I was writing them down for my future dog’s name. Zoo’s will never be boring to me and it was a great Friday!